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Through the Mallee : Murray Sunset N.P, Victoria.

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Murray Sunset National Park is Victoria's second largest National Park located in the far north-west "Mallee country", covering an area of 6330 square kilometers. The park is one of the worlds last semi-arid regions that remains relatively untouched.

Driving on route to the Murray River for a few days fishing, we were in awe of the stunningly beautiful Mallee country. The colours were incredible, and considering the arid climate, it was an amazing sight to see wildlife in such abundance, including huge Red Kangaroos, Emus, Goannas and Wedge-Tailed Eagles.

As we rounded the top of a sand dune, we were mesmerised by the view ahead. Under threatening skies, the track seemed to lead the eye through the Mallee for eternity. We just had to get the shot. Seconds after setting up the camera, a break appeared in the clouds breathing life into the moody scene.

More often than not, the pursuit of the perfect moment requires endless blood, sweat and tears....... but sometimes you get lucky and just stumble apon them!