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United We Stand : Gibson's Steps, Victoria, Australia.

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A beautiful sunrise marks the beginning of a new day, and with each new day comes new challenges. These two limestone stacks stand united, like warriors, ready to face the days challenges. They are symbols of absolute strength, forever going to battle against the wild seas and winds of the Southern Ocean. All has crumbled and collapsed around them, but they fight on, standing tall and proud, withstanding all that mother nature can throw at them. Billowing sea spray from thunderous waves pounding the coastline, an example of the challenges these two warriors face each and every day, for thousands of years.
For us, capturing this moment was a significant challenge in itself, taking well over twenty visits to eventually realise.
The image "United We Stand" portrays a message of resilience. So when things get tough, remember this message; Fight on, stay strong, rise to the challenge and you too will stand tall and proud.