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Bay Of Fires : Tasmania, Australia.

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Situated in Tasmania's north-east, The Bay of Fires Conservation Area streches from Eddystone Point in the north to Binalong Bay in the south. It is a pristine region of endless white beaches, clear turquoise water and orange-hued granite outcrops. It is often mistakenly believed to have gotten it's name from the fiery orange-hued granite, but was in-fact given it's name by Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773, after he saw the Aboriginal People's fires on the beaches.
After days of exploring and scouting the coastline, we had still not received the idealistic weather conditions we were after. We woke on our last day to beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds; perfect conditions for the shot we had envisioned. This soothing yet vibrant scene is a definite favourite of ours.