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New Release: Derwent Rise (Limited Edition Print)

Print Code: T024F
Edition Size: 50 only +2 Artist Proofs
Print Ratio: 3 to 1

Priced from: $2308

Print size & framing options >>>

This scene was captured adjacent to the banks of the Derwent River in Tasmania's Central Highlands.

After a day of visiting Mt Field National Park on a "take things as they come" relaxed family holiday, we (Kelvin & partner Meg) perused the map in search of our next destination. Far from organised we arrived after dark at Derwent Bridge a few hours later. With little knowledge of our surroundings we enjoyed an amazing dinner then crashed into bed.

Upon waking I eagerly looked out of the window in an attempt to get a sense of our new surroundings. As a landscape photographer, It's amazing how quick fog get's you out of bed. I had no idea where I was or what I was looking for but before I knew it, yesterday's jeans were soaked up to the knees from brushing through the wet native grasses. I walked along the river banks hoping to find a scene over the water but nothing was grabbing me. As I turned away from the river, attempting to navigate around some tall bushes that were leading me away from the water, this beautiful tree grabbed my attention. I instantly forgot about the river and set about capturing the beautiful scene.

As unorganised as it seems, I honestly believe that when planning a trip, the plan should sometimes be, "let's just take things as they come", and this image is a good representation of this thinking. We don't always need to see through the fog; just embrace the unknowns, enjoy the journey, and most of all, enjoy what's right in front of you in the moment without the burden of knowing what's going to be in front of you next. From this approach have come some of my most rewarding and exciting experiences in life, and because I wasn't expecting them, they're truly the memories that stand out the most.