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Dreamtime At Mungo : New South Wales, Australia.

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Mungo National Park is a world heritage site of archeological and cultural significance. "Mungo Man", the oldest human remains discoved in Australia and "Mungo Lady", were both discovered within the park. They are believed to have lived between 68,000 and 40,000 years ago. What is now dry baron earth were once thriving freshwater lakes. Along the eastern edge of Lake Mungo lies a series of lunettes titled "The Walls of China", and walking amoungst these lunettes where this image was taken can be found the remains of prehistoric mammals, fish and tools used by the native Aboriginals who once inhabited this area.
Sitting around our campfire at night, the stars seemed so close you could touch them. The following morning we witnessed the most magical sunrise we'd ever seen, a sunrise fit for the Dreamtime. To see the rippling form of the lunettes mirrored in the sky was simply miraculous. A true once in a lifetime occurance. In this moment we really felt a connection with this land, it's people and their culture.
There will only ever be ONE of this astonishing print ever released.