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New Release – Monument Valley

Monument Valley

The Rock formations of Monument Valley would have to be one of the most recognizable natural landscapes on Earth. Featured in countless films, Monument Valley is considered the quintessential American West. The enormous sandstone masterpieces we see today were revealed over 50 million years by the erosive forces of wind and water. Driving through the desert landscape is an incredible yet somehow “eerie” experience. You just don’t feel like you’re on planet Earth!

Monument Valley was “made” for panoramic photography! No other format does justice to the vast grandeur of the landscape.  It’s always been a dream of mine (Shaun) to experience and photograph this magical place, and while my visit was fleeting, I was lucky enough to capture this breathtaking sunset.




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It’s Your Road, and Your’s Alone – “Through the Mallee”

Through the Mallee

As we journey through life, all too often we allow the influence of others to guide our path. Whether it be from parents, teachers, a spouse, or society as a whole, we feel the daily pressures to conform, act responsibly, pursue respectable careers and to avoid risk. We feel we have to impress them; gain their respect.

But who’s life are we living? Don’t let others walk your road. After all, in life, you only get one shot. So listen to your heart. Follow your dreams.

It’s your road….. Your life.

Through the Mallee” is a reminder to follow your own road in life. You can see the road all too clearly. Have you the courage to follow it?


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Cheers, Shaun and Kelvin.

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