New Release – Dixon’s Kingdom

Dixon's Kingdom

The remote Walls of Jerusalem National Park is located within Tasmania’s Central Plateau and forms part of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. It’s an absolutely spectacular landscape and like nothing we’ve ever seen before! The plateau is covered with thousands of lakes and tarns, gorged out by melting ice during recent glaciation. Hiking through the U-shaped glacial valleys, huge dolerite peaks and “walls” dominate the landscape. Within the valleys lie stands of ancient pencil pine forest, unique alpine vegetation and crystal clear bubbling creeks.

After hiking the good part of a day we arrived at Dixon’s Kingdom, an early 1900’s cattleman’s hut. We camped the night and upon waking couldn’t believe our luck; An ethereal veil of fog lie in the valley. Framed between two ancient pencil pines, the hut draped in fog, we clicked the camera’s shutter and just stood in awe of this magical wilderness…



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