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New Release – Cradle Of Fire

Cradle Of Fire

This right here has to be one of the greatest scenes we’veĀ ever had the pleasure of capturing. Just wow! Well played mother nature… You never cease to amaze us!

Named after it’s resemblance to a gold mining cradle, Cradle Mountain rises 1,545 meters above see level. The mountain is located within Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. At it’s foot lies the stunning glacially formed Dove Lake.

In this harsh and sometimes unpredictable alpine environment, it’s rare to strike weather conditions conducive to photography. Overcast, windy and cold conditions are the norm, often low lying cloud obstructing the view of the mountain completely. But on this particular morning, our very first visit to the mountain as photographers, conditions were absolutely perfect. There was hardly a breath of wind as the early morning mist crawled its way across the water. We set up our gear, and nervously awaited the sunrise. We were not disappointed! The sky erupted in a fiery display of vibrant colour, and was perfectly reflected in the mirror-like surface of Dove lake below. Sometimes you get lucky and find yourself at just the right place, at just the right time.


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New Release – The Mighty Murray

The Mighty Murray

At 2375km, the mighty Murray is Australia’s longest river. It rises in the Australian Alps and for most of it’s length forms the Victorian and New South Wales border, ending it’s journey at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia.

The Majority of the existing River Red Gums along the Murray today are relatively young trees, as the older trees were felled for their timber during the paddle steamer days. To find a grand old gum with such character was a real blessing.

As the moon ends a nights journey it’s framed perfectly by a branch of the old gum. We can’t believe our luck at capturing such a breathtaking scene.