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New Release – Tranquillity


The Sapphire Coast of N.S.W. is a nature lovers paradise and as landscape photographers, we were in heaven here. Multiple National Parks, pristine white beaches, dramatic coastlines and peaceful coastal lagoons. So impressed with what the region had to offer, upon return we immediately booked a return trip!


Having spent the majority of our time in the region’s National Parks, we decided to spend some downtime wandering the Merimbula Lake foreshore, and to our surprise discovered a real gem! The character and peacefulness of this scene really grabbed us. Wanting to evoke feelings of calm and tranquillity, the decision was made to return at dawn. The following morning, not a breath of wind could be felt, and while Merimbula slept, mother nature put on a beautiful light show. As the sunrise progressed, the colour of the reflections intensified until the majority of the lake was painted with intense purples, pinks and oranges. How could one not feel at peace at such a beautiful moment?

New Release – Sacred Passage

Sacred Passage

The incredible beauty of Antelope Canyon blows you away the moment you enter its sacred passageways. Over thousands of years the erosive forces of water during flash floods have sculpted the Navajo sandstone into the most exquisite forms and shapes. As the soft, reflected light filters down through the canyon’s narrow walls, the forms, textures, contrast and colours become a photographers paradise. Carefully calculating the exposure, the light is allowed to slowly bleed onto the film for over two minutes, saturating the colours and producing the most divine palette of yellows and oranges through to deep reds and purples. This majestic canyon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of all natural formations on Earth…




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New Release – Dixon’s Kingdom

Dixon's Kingdom

The remote Walls of Jerusalem National Park is located within Tasmania’s Central Plateau and forms part of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. It’s an absolutely spectacular landscape and like nothing we’ve ever seen before! The plateau is covered with thousands of lakes and tarns, gorged out by melting ice during recent glaciation. Hiking through the U-shaped glacial valleys, huge dolerite peaks and “walls” dominate the landscape. Within the valleys lie stands of ancient pencil pine forest, unique alpine vegetation and crystal clear bubbling creeks.

After hiking the good part of a day we arrived at Dixon’s Kingdom, an early 1900’s cattleman’s hut. We camped the night and upon waking couldn’t believe our luck; An ethereal veil of fog lie in the valley. Framed between two ancient pencil pines, the hut draped in fog, we clicked the camera’s shutter and just stood in awe of this magical wilderness…



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New Release – Purity


What appears at first glace to be just another beautiful mountain stream is in fact the humble beginnings of Australia’s longest river, the Murray. In the pristine Australian Alps and only 40km from Australia’s¬† highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, three small springs mark the source of this grand river. It’s here the Murray begins its massive 2508km journey to the ocean at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia.

Waking to the soft sound of rain hitting our tent we weren’t overly keen to drag ourselves out of bed, but we donned the wet weather gear and went out for a look anyway. The effort was totally worth it as the river was breathtakingly beautiful under the early morning diffused light. The nights soaking rain had really saturated the colours in the foliage and rocks. Under an umbrella, we set the gear up and patiently waited for a break in the rain. But it seems Mother Nature had other ideas! All morning the rain only just gave reprieve long enough for us to capture one single shot; but that’s all we needed. What a tranquil, pure and calming place…



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